Sunday 8th September 2024: 2km and 5km

Sunday 8th September 2024

2km and 5km

Fun Facts About the Foot Group

Fun Facts About The Foot Group
Lane Cove Fun Run community showcase is approaching quickly (on the 11th) and we wanted to express gratitude for The Foot Group, a silver sponsor who have been sponsors since the Fun Run began in 2016.
Andrew Scown, who trained in podiatry in New Zealand, opened his first practice in Lane Cove in 2000. As the business grew, the business moved twice (always on Longueville Rd) and have been at the current clinic at 152-154 Longueville Rd location since 2018. The Foot Group also has a clinic in Brookvale.

Andrew has always been interested in helping people move better. He loves working with his patients and particularly children because they’re very clear about what hurts, where it hurts and recovery time can be very quick.

Working with Andrew are Spencer, Soomin and Will and between them, they have extensive experience treating a wide variety of foot and foot-related issues such as severs, ingrown nails, warts, corns and callus, ankle injuries, pain (including knee and lower back pain) that results from poor foot alignment.

Fun Runners (or anyone with feet) can check out The Foot Group website for tips on running, foot strengthening, diabetes foot care, Sever’s disease (heel pain), when to change athletic shoes, and many more foot-related issues.

The Foot Group is a general practice and Andrew and the team see patients from all walks of life, all ages and enjoy treating a variety of foot related conditions.
As for the involvement with the Fun Run? Andrew and wife Victoria (The Foot Group’s Business Manager) have three children who attended Lane Cove Public School. Victoria was on the Lane Cove Public School P&C as canteen convenor, which she did for five years (big gratitude for that. It’s a big job) when the Fun Run started six years ago. As they were already community partners with LCPS, sponsoring the Fun Run made sense. Andrew and Victoria are both community-focused and see the Fun Run as the perfect way to give back to the Lane Cove community they love being a part of.
Besides running a busy practice, Andrew is also an avid (maybe a little obsessed!) beekeeper.

Look out for The Foot Group team (including dog Max) at Fun Run. They’ll have blue handballs at their stall, so drop by and participate in their hoop challenge to win.

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If you would like to register please come to the Pavilion at Kingsford Smith Oval.

Friday 8th September 2:45-6pm
Saturday 9th September 8am-2pm
Sunday 10th September 6:30-7am