Sunday 8th September 2024: 2km and 5km

Sunday 8th September 2024

2km and 5km

Getting there: road closures & parking

The organisers of the Lane Cove Fun Run thank all local residents for their patience, understanding and support during our community event.

Getting there

Due to road closures we encourage participants to cycle, walk or scooter from Northwood, Riverview or Lane Cove. Please respect the needs of the residents of Longueville and do not try to find a parking space in Longueville, particularly along William Edward Street which becomes blocked to two-way traffic if cars are parked in both directions. Plenty of public parking is available at council car parks in Lane Cove shops and along Longueville Road north of River Road. From there it is an easy downhill walk to the start of the race.

Road closures

For the safety of runners there will be full and partial road closures along the entire route of both the 2km and 5km run.

Due to road closures there will be disruptions to Longueville traffic from 6:30am on 10th September though until 10:00am. As there will be road closures along the run routes we would encourage any local residents needing to leave the area on Sunday morning to park their cars on William Edward Street or at the Northwood end of Arabella Street (past Woodford St.) Residents will be able to enter and exit Longueville up until 7:15am from which times roads will be closed to ensure participant safety.

The following is a list of streets which will be affected by the road closures and the latest time that they will be re-opened.

Roads into Longueville via William Edward St, Kenneth St & Arabella St will be closed from 6:30am

  • Longueville residents are permitted to use all roads until 7:15am
  • Longueville residents are permitted entry via Kenneth St and Arabella St with proof of residence (drivers licence) until 7:15am
  • Residents of the following roads will be permitted access via William Edward St with proof of residence (drivers licence) for the duration of the road closures:
    • William Edward St
    • Borambil Pl
    • Dettman Ave
    • Norfolk Rd
    • Cross St
    • Wharf Rd
    • Mary St – between Wharf & Kenneth
    • Stuart St – between Wharf & Kenneth
    • Belcote Rd – supervised by authorised traffic controllers
    • Woodford St – east of Arabella, supervised by authorised traffic controllers
  • The following roads will be closed from 7:15am
    • Kenneth St
    • Arabella St
    • Woodford St – between Kenneth & Arabella
    • Christine St – Between Kenneth & Arabella
    • Ann St – Between Kenneth & Arabella
    • Francis St – Between Kenneth & Arabella
    • Cowper St – Between Kenneth & Arabella
    • Dunois St – Between Kenneth & Arabella
    • Arundel St
    • Stuart St – Between Kenneth & Mary
    • Mary Street – Between Kenneth & Stuart
    • Poole St
    • Lucretia Ave
    • Dunois St
    • Wilson Ln
  • The following roads will reopen to Longueville residents by 8:30am
    • Kenneth St – Woodford to Christina
    • Woodford St – Kenneth to Arabella
    • Arabella St – Christina to Woodford
    • Woodford St
  • All roads will reopen by 10am

Online Registrations
have closed.

If you would like to register please come to the Pavilion at Kingsford Smith Oval.

Friday 8th September 2:45-6pm
Saturday 9th September 8am-2pm
Sunday 10th September 6:30-7am