Sunday 8th September 2024: 2km and 5km

Sunday 8th September 2024

2km and 5km

Get moving for a healthy life

JBS Physio – Get Moving for a Healthy Life

Janet is the “J” at JBS Physio and anyone who’s met her knows that she likes to move. As soon as you enter her practice, you know she’ll get you back up and moving.
Janet tells us she’s always been into exercise and is passionate about teaching people to move because she firmly believes that “movement is medicine”.

“We do soft tissue work on patients or mobilize their joints. Manual therapy gives them the confidence to be able to use their bodies correctly and appropriately.
And we know that exercise is vital in treatment and prevention of so many chronic illnesses from diabetes to heart disease, to mental health issues, to osteoporosis, and the list goes on.”
There’s a myth that running causes knee problems and Janet is quick to point out that people who do short distance running on a consistent basis actually have better knees than people who don’t exercise.
Janet’s love affair with Lane Cove goes back to the time she first settled in Australia, having just migrated from her home country of South Africa in the late 90s.

“I immigrated and came to work in Lane Cove pretty much immediately. And I have just loved it. I loved the community. So I initially worked for a medical centre, but then I went out on my own and I’ve stayed here even though I live far away.”

Janet started her clinic 20 years ago when she’d just had her daughter. Initially the clinic was tiny and now she’s expanded into a large floor space and works with three other physios Todd, Japie and Aatthi.
Janet’s been sponsoring the Fun Run since it first began in 2016 as she likes the idea of bringing the community together through healthy endeavours and making exercise fun.
Fun Run is a great way to introduce running and exercise as a way of life for your family. You can start with a 2km run and you don’t even have to run. You can walk it. Janet stresses that it’s important to follow a progressive training programme that will be appropriate for your level of fitness.

For more tips on training and getting you ready in optimal shape, check out the JBS Physio website and blogs

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