Sunday 8th September 2024: 2km and 5km

Sunday 8th September 2024

2km and 5km

When thinking about Pilates in the context of running

When thinking about Pilates in the context of running, you can liken Pilates to the foundation and running as the house. You could try to build a house without a foundation but over time you will develop imbalances, cracks and all sorts of difficulty with maintaining the integrity of the house. If you add a foundation in there, it would take something much more serious to damage the integrity of your house than just time or the weather. In this way, you can view Pilates as the stability and strength that will protect your body from being damaged when you run.

Running can place immense pressure on the joints in not only the lower part of the body, but also in the spine as you apply downward force with each step. When we are young and resilient this is less of a problem, however with time the effects of this pressure will start to show up as knee pain, ankle injuries and even problems at the hip. Enter; resistance training. Strengthening the muscles around these joints is the most important thing to consider when trying to protect them. If you build some muscle and strength around the joints, you can protect them from being damaged by your running. T

his can make running more comfortable for you and also allow you to continue running until you choose to stop doing it, rather than your body choosing that for you. The benefit of utilizing reformer Pilates as your resistance training is that it is no impact, meaning we do not jump or apply any unnecessary downward pressure onto any of the joints.

This works perfectly to balance out the high impact of running to support your body through its movement. Pilates also has a heavy focus on developing core strength and stability. Throughout the lifespan of your running career, this will become more important to protect your back and avoiding injury that can last long term due to the compressing effect running has on the spine.

If you want to build up your foundation before you do your run or you are interested in protecting your body from injury, try out a reformer Pilates class! With a few sessions a week you will have yourself feeling strong, stable and ready to rip in to the Lane Cove Fun Run.

We have a terrific Introductory Offer of 6 classes for $60. You can easily head to our website to purchase this offer by clicking here or you can pop in to the Studio for a chat or call us on 0459 519 576.

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