Sunday 8th September 2024: 2km and 5km

Sunday 8th September 2024

2km and 5km

Three Reasons to Gift Your Dad a “Fun Run” for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is around the corner. As are the longer, warmer and sunnier days of Spring. It’s been a long winter and it may be fair to say we’re all carrying around extra weight and layers of jumpers we want to shed. You may be feeling the mental drain of a brain fog and congestion lingering after a bout of COVID or extra weight put on because like everyone, you didn’t feel like going outside or to the gym in the pouring rain.

And now suddenly, Father’s Day is around the corner. How did it sneak up again so fast? You may be wondering, what can I get him that he doesn’t already have? My guess is, like most fathers these days, your father may not need yet another pair of colourful socks (though you can never have too many colourful socks in your life) or another mug or a T-shirt with the picture of the family on it (and yes those are cool gifts, but the novelty wears off after a year or two). 

A family entry into Lane Cove’s Fun Run might just be the best thing to gift a father who’s already got everything in multitudes. There are three really good reasons to go ahead and sign up. We bet you can think of many more reasons of your own and do let us know, we love hearing from our neighbours.

So here are our reasons.

  1. Running makes you happy. Yes, there is lots of scientific evidence showing that our body releases happy hormones when we exercise. There’s a thing well known to runners as the “runner’s high”. However, why trust scientists when you can test it out for yourself? Go for a short run today and see how your mood improves at the end of it. You’re welcome.
  2. There’ll be a BBQ! Who doesn’t love a good sausage sizzle? Lane Cove Cats are manning the BBQ and we bet your Dad will love it.
  3. There’s something for the whole family. Dads love it when everyone’s having a good time and Lane Cove Fun Run is sure to offer something for everyone. There are dance and theatre performances for your tiny dancers and budding actors, lots of catch ups with the neighbours and local businesses Mum loves and did we mention you don’t have to run for miles? You can walk a 2km run if you’d like.

So these are the reasons we’ve come up with and there’ll be contests, competitions and prizes for the competitive types out there. It’s a great place to catch up with all those familiar faces, bond with your family and get out of the winter slump and into spring. 

Sign up today and give your Dad the gift of a beautiful day with the family.

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